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Far East Hospitality Trust ("Far East H-Trust") is a hospitality stapled group comprising Far East Hospitality Real Estate Investment Trust ("Far East H-REIT") and Far East Hospitality Business Trust ("Far East H-BT").

Far East H-REIT is a real estate investment trust constituted by the trust deed dated 1 August 2012 and entered into between FEO Hospitality Asset Management Pte. Ltd. (in its capacity as the manager of Far East H-REIT) (the "REIT Manager") and DBS Trustee Limited (in its capacity as the trustee of Far East H-REIT) (the "Trustee").

Far East H-BT is a business trust constituted by the trust deed dated 1 August 2012 and entered into by FEO Hospitality Trust Management Pte. Ltd. (in its capacity as the trustee-manager of Far East H-BT) (the "Trustee-Manager"). Far East H-BT has been dormant since Far East H-Trust was listed on the main board of Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (the "SGX-ST").

The REIT Manager has been issued a Capital Market Services Licence for REIT management ("CMS Licence") pursuant to the Securities and Futures Act, Chapter 289 of Singapore (the "SFA") on 10 August 2012.

The framework of relevant legislations and guidelines governing Far East H-Trust include:

  1. the SFA;
  2. Appendix 6 of the Code on Collective Investment Schemes (the "CIS Code", and Appendix 6 of the CIS Code, the "Property Funds Appendix");
  3. the Listing Manual of SGX-ST (the "Listing Manual");
  4. the Business Trusts Act, Chapter 31A of Singapore; and
  5. the Code of Corporate Governance 2012 (the "Code").

The REIT Manager and the Trustee-Manager are committed to ensuring high standards of corporate governance, business integrity and professionalism in all its activities. The Managers believes that sound and effective corporate governance policies and practices are essential in achieving a sustainable growth, and consequently a trusted, successful and respected Far East H-Trust.

This Report sets out Far East H-REIT's corporate governance framework and practices with specific reference to guidelines set out in the Code of Corporate Governance 2012. Due to the different legislative and regulatory requirements in relation to a REIT as compared with a business trust, the corporate governance disclosure requirements in relation to the REIT Manager are different from those in relation to the Trustee-Manager.

Corporate Governance

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