Investor Relations

IR Policy

  1. Objective

    FEO Hospitality Asset Management Pte Ltd (the "REIT Manager") as Manager of Far East H-REIT and FEO Hospitality Trust Management Pte Ltd (the Trustee- Manager") as Trustee-Manager of Fast East H-BT are committed to the highest possible standards of communication with investors, analysts, media and the investing community and the REIT Manager and Trustee-Manager are committed to communicate in a timely, transparent, consistent, accurate, balanced and comprehensive manner on information such as the investment strategy, distribution policy, capital management, portfolio performance of Far East H-Trust.

  2. Disclosure Policy

    1. Pertinent or material information shall be released in a timely manner via the SGXNET, Far East H-Trust's website and other channels including news releases, annual reports, Stapled Securityholders' meetings so as to avoid the establishment of a false market in the stapled securities of Far East H-Trust or have a material effect on the price or value of the stapled securities of Far East H-Trust.

    2. In disclosing information, the REIT Manager and Trustee-Manager shall disclose information that is descriptive, detailed and forthcoming as possible and avoid boilerplate disclosures without compromising on Far East H-Trust's competitive advantages.

    3. The REIT Manager and Trustee-Manager shall adopt good corporate governance and best practices in terms of accountability and transparency to Stapled Securityholders, the investing community and other stakeholders through efficient use of technology such as the Far East HTrust's website:

    4. The REIT Manager and Trustee-Manager shall not divulge information to any person (outside of the REIT Manager, Trustee-Manager and their advisers) in such a way as to place any person in a privileged dealing position i.e. selective disclosure is avoided at all times.

    5. In line with market practice, more detailed information may be provided to analysts, institutional investors, rating agency or media, as long as this information is not material and is not withheld from other parties who request for the same information. The purpose of providing additional information is to enable analysts or institutional investors to gain a broader understanding of Far East H-Trust and for the purpose of discussion on a more technical nature.

    6. Far East H-Trust's website: shall be the information resource for retail and institutional investors and regular dialogue with investors, to gather views or inputs, and address their concerns are done through the corporate email at:

    7. To ensure consistency and to avoid unintentional disclosure of material information, executive officers and employees of the REIT Manager and the Trustee-Manager shall observe and maintain the strictest confidentiality of material information.

    8. Executive officers and employees of the REIT Manager and the Trustee- Manager are not allowed to respond to enquiries from the media, analysts, or investing community without prior approval of the CEO of the REIT Manager and Trustee-Manager.

    9. If material information is inadvertently disclosed at meetings with analysts or others, Far East H-Trust shall promptly release the information through SGXNET to the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited.

  3. Clarification or Confirmation of Rumours or Reports

    1. Far East H-Trust shall promptly clarify or confirm any published articles such as, broker's market letter or newspapers articles, either true or false, which has not been substantiated by any previous released announcements and which is likely to have, or has had, an effect on the price of the stapled securities or would be likely to have a bearing on investment decisions.

    2. Far East H-Trust shall restrict its comments or avoid providing any comments on any rumours or speculations, either true or false, unless The Monetary Authority of Singapore's or the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited's intervention dictates otherwise).

    3. Far East H-Trust shall make reasonable effort to bring to the attention of the party such as the financial editor or broker that has distributed any erroneous published articles such as broker's market letter or newspapers articles.

  4. Website

    1. Far East H-Trust shall maintain its website ( to ensure that all members of the investing community can access relevant and upto-date information about Far East H-Trust.

    2. All information release through the SGXNET will also be made available on Far East H-Trust' website.

  5. Access to Investor Relations Officer

    All retail investors, institutional investors and analysts shall have access to the Investor Relations Officer for whom contact details are posted on Far East HTrust's website and in annual reports.

  6. Access to Senior Management

    Requests by analysts or institutional investors for meetings with senior management shall be met as schedule permits, and, if necessary, shall be prioritised in accordance with investor capacity to hold securities.

  7. Use of Media

    A broad range of public communication channels shall be used to disseminate news releases including press agencies and news distribution service providers. In addition, direct communication such as emails, conference calls, group presentations and one-on-one meetings shall be harnessed to reach investors.

  8. Blackout Period

    1. To preclude the perception of selective disclosures prior to results publication date, Far East H-Trust shall observe (i) the period commencing two (2) weeks before the announcement of FEHT's financial statements for each quarter of its financial year, and one (1) month before the announcement of FEHT's financial statements for the full financial year, as the case may be, and ending on the date of announcement of the relevant results ("Blackout Period").

    2. In exceptional circumstances, Investor Relations Officer or Senior Management may meet with analysts or institutional investors, but will restrict the discussion to providing background or historical information of Far East H-Trust only.